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HEKATON is the new music project from the Venezuelan born, and current New Yorker artist ReyCast. He reappears in the music scene after a long hiatus with the single Butterfly, Butterfly as a tribute to the Norwegian band A-ha.

In the 1990s ReyCast and Inti Maldonado started Thorvald, a Venezuelan metal band that achieved some success in the local rock scene. Then, they separated in 1996 when Inti moved to the United States to develop a career in music production

Twenty years later, they reunited at the IntiGalaxy Studios - Inti’s Music Production Company in New York - to create Butterfly, Butterfly’s metal cover as HEKATON.

Reycast explains:

“I simply want to show my appreciation and gratitude to A-ha. They have been an immense source of inspiration throughout the years with their incredible music.

I'm not trying to sound like them at all. I did it in my own way, with the sounds and elements of the metal genre. As an artist and as a fan, I wish A-ha never stops playing and creating the remarkable music they have always had

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