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Everything started in a small tight place, in 2003 a storage room of a dance studio, I began to get together to sing and jam just for fun, in my spare time I enjoyed getting together with fellow musicians and friends and also because I have a passion for music.With a small P.A consisting of a 4 channel mixer, one speaker, basic drums, and a small guitar amp, I started playing some rock pop spanish songs with some friends, but considering that we didn't even had heat in the room we decided after a few months of cold nights to rent a bigger place.Once settled, I took things a little bit more seriously and to see music in a different prospective so we decided to add new members and equipment to the existing band in which we performed in several festivals including: "Randalls Island", "Kensiko Damm" "Mount Kisco Park" and different bars in the surrounding areas of The Bronx, Yonkers, Ossining and Queens including a very fun Alabama gig. After struggling with a variety of band members, characters and different opinions, now Dark Dama will continue to work hard, along with good friends to bring you the best of her. There are many artist that have influenced her over this years which includes, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, AC-DC, Janis Joplin, Van Halen, Doro,shakira, Spanish Rock like Rata Blanca, Angeles del infierno Southern American Rock etc... too many to mention, jeje!!But also not leaving behind the passion for good music like: The Blues, La Nueva Trova, Jazz and Latin Fusion etc... and proud to be from Latin America.DARK DAMA is now creating new original music with all of the above influences. Her bands first names were "Hypnosis", "Demonika" Sacrifix Sanctum. DARK DAMA adopted her stage name as a result of the dissolution of her last project with the same name "" After that everyone continued to call me Dark Dama when they saluted me so I decided to leave it as is since it is very comfortable for me it is like my second name..."DARK DAMA" was also the lead singer in a band called "GUERREROS DE LA ETERNIDAD" wich recorded two songs and a video of the son LA PRINCESA DE LOS SUENOS PERDIDOS" A band from Queens NY which played original music mainly Metal. Lately DARK DAMA performed with Ex JAGUARES, EX-MANA Lead Guitarist EL VAMPIRO. At SOB in NYC.There are always fellow musicians , friends, like Signos,Babel, Ebola, TAS, Element etc...Whom I have joined in the past to get together to jam, have fun and play a few gigs..and contributing to the growth of DD`s sound. "DARK DAMA, is very diverse in what she does, she is a natural dancer being from a Central American country, she taught Ballroom dance in different dance studios and schools around Westchester County, NY". "She has also a passion for the arts and enjoys painting in her free time, she is also a Computer Technician,( ( Nerd ) ) and her influences go from: Rata Blanca, Janis Joplin to Judas Priest to Nueva Trova. A fun and particular fact about her is that she loves collecting gothic figures like masks, skulls, dragons, Where you can see them if you are invited to her studio in NJ. She loves horror movies and best time of the year is Halloween, her favorite colors are Red and Black.Dark Dama`s goal is to make her own original music, live the dream and continue to rock the world forever !!

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